Shoe Dispenser

Clear infection prevention and hygiene regulations are formulated for uniforms in Health care, footwear included. Yet, this appears to be hard to manage and control. To improve hygiene and logistics around footwear in Health care, Technico has developed the TechniX SD.

The modular system combines management and cleaning of footwear that is worn on OR’s in hospitals. The system has a capacity of 25 pairs of clogs, and is moreover extendable for a higher capacity. The TechniX SD comes along with the following advantages:

  • Footwear user information
    Since footwear is chipped, registered and linked to an individual and unique position in the system, user information can be collected. The possibility arises to manage the supply and cleaning ratio of the footwear in the system.
  • Direct control on footwear-package
    The system stored and cleans footwear at once. Meaning that multiple functionalities are included in one product. By the balanced dosage of detergent and disinfectant regulations of hygiene and infection prevention are lived up to in house.