Wardrobe System

Technico’s automated wardrobe system is able to temporarily store multiple coats and jackets of visitors of your company. The product solution offers a complete and optimised occupancy of your wardrobe. Fast, safe and easy are key elements of design. 

When a visitor wants to make use of the system, he or she can sign in. Hereafter will the machine move the storing position towards the door that can be opened by the visitor to store his or her coat. A receipt will be given automatically which is needed to retrieve the coat. This storing function can, when desired, be reimbursed. 

The system characterises itself by; user friendliness and the design of the front is basic. This new concept guarantees reliability, designed by engineers that are experienced with comparable wardrobe systems. The TechniX WS has the following advantages:

  • Reliable management
    The unique mechanism of the system minimalizes the error chance on return. A piece of clothing is linked to a specific position in the system, is stored on this position and will be returned from this position to the owner. 
  • Unmanned service
    A fluctuated use of employees on wardrobe caused by the fluctuated pattern of visitor flows is deducted by the automated system. No employees need to be directed to the wardrobe anymore, since visitors can make use of the system by themselves. 

The wardrobe system is applicable on several occasions as; conference venues, theatres, music halls, hotels, clubs and cinemas.