About us


Technico offers automated solutions for the management of service clothing in healthcare and the sorting of clothing in the professional washing industry. The company, founded in 1985, has 4 generations of knowledge passed on, obtained from the washing industry itself. Our services range from targeted advice to improve logistics processes, to state-of-the-art software and mechanics for clothing dispensing and collection systems and sorting systems .


Services offers clothing management systems for complex contexts as for instance Health Care. Moreover it offers product solutions for hanging and folded sorting of garment in the professional Laundry services. Besides mechanics and control, maintenance is provided to keep the systems up-to-date.


It offers a management system in order to complete the product solutions designed by Services. The developed software clarifies all garment processes. Automation develops constantly and the software respond to that.
Therefore Technico offers state-of-the-art high quality systems that improves the effectiveness of garment management and garment sorting.