Our folded sorting-system is specially developed to dispatch washed folded garment. The system integrates scanning, folding and sorting into one action. It standardly consists of 12 shelves where every shelve is divided into 10 lockers. This results in the possibility to sort garment of 120 individuals in one system. An extension of the system is also possible to a maximum of 240 lockers in one system. The following advantages can be distilled:

  • High sorting-ratio
    Integrating multiple actions (registering, folding and sorting) into one interaction reduces time. The touching momentum reduces with it, which is not beneficial for the sorting-ratio as well as the hygiene of the folded items. 
  • Ergonomics
    The working surface is adjustable to the ideal work height. Moreover the shelves with lockers adjusts with the ideal height to store the folded items.
  • Error-chance diminution
    There is always a possibility to make a mistake. Visual and audial feedback by means of a ‘Wrong Box Protection’ reduces the amount of errors to a minimum.

All previous describes advantages lead to a productivity where approximately 240 pieces of garment can be registered, folded, sorted and unloaded.